Brand your Email Signatures.

 Brand your BUSINESS!

Full-sized email signatures are gaining extreme popularity.
Why? Because they WORK!

Our cutting edge software transforms boring email signatures into effective sales and marketing branding tools.

  • Increase Conversions
  • Increase Traffic
  • Increase ROI
  • Increase Productivity

Email eSignatures that WORK for you!

Make your email work for you and unleash the power. Have your website in every email with an interactive experience that drives business back to you.

Why not take advantage of the free marketing delivery via your email eSignature? Let’s do some quick math … You have 15 team members in sales, marketing, or customer service roles that send 50 emails per day to prospects or customers. That is 750 emails daily and nearly 230,000 annually! That’s 230,000 free marketing impressions that you gain with Brand my Email compared to the old-fashioned, plain, email eSignatures traditionally used.

Research* shows that the average business user receives 96 emails per day. Brand My Email eSignatures gives your business the competitive advantage to break through the email “clutter”.
*The Radicati Group

Over 1,400 Companies

Already use their Brand My Email eSignatures to grow their business. Let’s get you started!


“I believe it’s the small things you do that can make the biggest difference in branding your company. Brand My Email is an affordable enhancement to my overall advertising budget!”

Kari President

“From time to time, I share something that is new and what I consider to be remarkable…my company has approved this email template look to use with the outside and makes it customizable to have your agency stand out. In the last few days I have gotten 20+ compliments. Clients love it! It also has links to your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and maybe more importantly directions!! Brand My Email creates the look of a major corporation at a small business price making it not only affordable but a MUST DO!! Pricing is almost free for what it is…and you all know I’m a penny pincher…”

Paul Agent

“I really like how Brand My Email eSignature gives the emails sent from my office a very professional look and feel. It also gives my clients easy access to important links that are helpful for a variety of reasons. I’d highly recommend using their eSignature.”

George Agent

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About Brand My Email

Brand My Email was founded in 2010 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin in response to business executives seeking a solution to brand their email. In January, 2012 the Company was acquired by HYDER Industries, moved across the state to the shores of Two Rivers, Wisconsin and currently resides at the mouth of the West River on Lake Michigan. The newly formed team of entrepreneurs, market-branding experts, IT developers, and graphic designers were determined to equip marketing executives and sales professionals with products that build both corporate and non-profit brands.

Built on the success of its initial product, Brand My Email, our Company has grown to become a leader in the email branding industry. A dedicated team of talented people, who are all shareholders, are driving the development and broad adoption of the Brand My Email Branding Platform.